Purchase Alberta Fishing Licenses
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PLEASE read this entire page before clicking the AlbertaRelm link to buy your WIN number (also known as your WIN card) and Alberta Provincial Fishing License. The information on this page explains the process and areas that we are fishing. We are located right on the lines between three fishing jurisdictions; Alberta, B.C. and the National Parks, all of which require different fishing licenses. At the bottom of the page there is a help phone number.

The fishing license that we require is an Alberta Provincial Fishing license. You must first purchase a WIN number (wildlife identification number). Once you have purchased a WIN# the system allows you to purchase a one day Alberta Provincial fishing license. Please fill in the exact date that we are fishing. As of 2015 cost is $36.36 for one day. ($8 WIN # + $26.63 one day license + $1.73 tax)

No stores in Lake Louise, Banff or Jasper sell Alberta Provincial fishing licenses and if you are buying a fishing license in those towns you are not purchasing the license required to go on a guided fishing trip with my company.

To purchase your WIN# and one day Alberta Provincial fishing license click on:


Once on the AlbertaRelm home page you click "purchase a license" then click "click here if you are a new customer" fill in all the details and that will get you your WIN # (Wildlife Identification Number). This WIN # then become your user name, you create a password and are able to re-enter the system to purchase fishing or hunting licenses.

Then click "purchase a license" again and this time click "click here to access your WIN account for the first time on the new AlbertaReLM". Enter your WIN # and password. This will get you to the fishing and hunting license page of the site which allows you to then purchase your one day Alberta Sport fishing license. (you can buy a five day or annual license as well)

Your license will be sent to your e-mail address. Kindly print your license, sign it and have it on your person as you may be required to show it if we encounter a Fish and Wildlife Ranger. You must be able to show a printed copy of your fishing license to the Ranger.  

We will be fishing the Bow River and adjacent blue waters downstream and outside of Banff National Park. As such, we require an Alberta Provincial Fishing License. ( NOT the National Park License) Ice fishing is conducted right out in the middle of Spray Lakes Reservoir at our heated fishing lodge and fishing for those jumbo Lake Trout requires an Alberta Provincial Fishing license too.

I respectively request that my clients purchase their fishing licenses on-line prior to our fun day of fishing as the vendor that previously sold fishing licenses at 6am has closed and the only reliable vender that sells Alberta Provincial fishing licenses for 100 miles around is Wapiti Sports; 1506 Railway Ave in Canmore. They are open from 9am to 6pm and are sometimes closed on Sundays. Occasionally they are "Gone Fishing" and the store is closed without notice on any day of the week so buying a fishing license the day we fish is not really an option. Morning fishing trips in summer often start at 7:15am and there are no vendors open at that time to buy a fishing license that day. If you are under the age of 16 no fishing license is required.

*Note Canadian residents: the annual Alberta fishing license is one dollar less expensive than the one day fishing license.

If you already have a WIN# but have misplaced it or have trouble purchasing a fishing license on-line call the AlbertaRelm Help desk at 1 888 944-5494.

Please have your printed and signed Alberta Provincial Fishing License in hand before pick up. Thank You. If you book last minute and or are unable to buy your fishing license on-line we can still go but purchasing the fishing license over the counter is time consuming and start times are restricted to the opening times of the fishing license vendor.


For Reservations contact Jim Dykstra direct at 1 403 678-7980

E-Mail: BigJim@BanffFlyFishingGuides.com