2014 client photos
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Welcome to our 2014 season fishing photos page. Most pictures are of guided trips and some are of days out with my fishing pals.  Many thanks to my clients and friends for the all the fun times we had out in the wild blue waters this year. Click on the individual photos to enlarge.

Russell, Kristi

Michael, Chateau Lake Louise

John, Banff Springs Hotel

Pat, Becky, Ben, Post Hotel.

Don, Joe, Mike. Banff Springs Hotel

Chris, Chris, Scott, Crissy

Skip, Inns of Banff

Chris, Nick Chateau Lake Louise


Nick Banff Springs Hotel

Brian, Banff Springs Hotel

Tom, Jay



Brad, Ryan

Tom, Brian

B.J. Hidden Ridge Chalets

Aaron, Perrine. Chateau Lake Louise.

Rob, Jacob


Todd, Christian, Adam

Marc, The Fox Hotel

Pat, Chateau Lake Louise.

Orvis, Josie, Mark, Banff Springs Hotel.

Jon, Brad. Banff Springs Hotel.


Lisa, Carey, Banff Springs Hotel


Jon, Antone. Post Hotel

Brain, Sara, Jack. The Fox Hotel.


David, Dianne

Seiji, Yuki, Big Horn B&B

David, Beverley, Mark, Liam, Tunnel Mountain

Chris, Fernando, Tunnel Mountain

Tom, Brian, Dan, Isaac. Banff Springs Hotel

Tap, Darryl, BSH

Gordon, Yvonne, Rundlestone.



Doug, Denise, Banff Springs Hotel.


Casey, Matt, Luke. Balzac


Mark, Rimrock Hotel

Charles, Katie, Banff Inn.



Ray, Banff Springs Hotel.


Sean. Banff Springs Hotel.

Dave, Brewster Mountain Lodge.

Asim, Lauren. Banff Springs Hotel.

Dave, Tracy, Rimrock Hotel.

Bob, Bobby, Rimrock Hotel.

Scott, Michelle, Banff Springs Hotel

Casey, Irwins Mountain Inn




Dave, Eric

Bruce, Banff Springs Hotel

Gene, Laura, Carline. Banff Springs Hotel

Jen, Mark, Rundlestone Lodge


Tom, Cindy. Mount Royal Hotel

Rod, Wendy, Beau

Jim. Ira.

Pat, Mike, Banff Springs Hotel

Paul. Fox Hotel.


Duffy, Lisa, Alec. Chateau Lake Louise.


Jason, Marie, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.


John, Gena, BSH

Andrew, Emily BSH

Ted, Banff Ptarmigan Inn



Gusti, Uncle Leo's House

Robert, Ferdinand, Post Hotel,

David, Bow View Lodge.

Jerry, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

Johan, Liam. Douglas Fir Resort.

Peter, Royal Canadian Delta Lodge


Peter, Royal Canadian Delta Lodge.


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