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BigJim@BanffFlyfishingGuides.com  or call direct at 1 403 678-7980






















Did one of you fellow miss place their fishing vest maybe??? As I have found said fishing vest right where we were last fishing aye. Give me a call and I'll send it on back to you aye.

I've got your lost fishing vest aye!!!






















Sure was an interesting along the river. Lots of inquisitive people. They wanted to know how the fishing was I guess. I even had one lady stop on Hwy #1 to ask me about the fishing. 





















































Armond, Cindy and I into the wild blue waters a fishing we went. Browns and brookies fell one by one to our fine fly casts. All on the dry I recall with a few skates and strips.


Talyor, Beau, Ryan and I tackled a few this morning on the Bow aye.


It was a cool and cloudy day today, the river's dropped and has that beautiful aqua blue colour back again. So Bev, Lisa and I tried a dry fly and first cast it was KlaBlammo time Fish On!!


Summer weather is finally here!!!! Some beautifully cool mornings followed by balmy warm afternoons. The Bow River is running a bit chalky making it a bit tough on the fly fishing but we're still catching some fine bites on the spin and strike indicator rods. Some good site dry fly fishing on a couple little lakes that I know too.













It's officially summer!!!! Nice cool 70's F. great fishing weather and the fish are biting. The Bows a bit on high side right now but should settle down in a couple of days.


My flies catch trout like that aye. 

How about a box of clauser minnows that bag big trout for you aye?

Maybe you'd like a box of weighted tungsten bead head emerger nymphs that unmask the big Hawgs aye??

Perhaps you'd like to take some fish by surprise with a box of the Man in the Yellow Hat mayflies aye?????

Custom tied flies and fly boxes for sale. Big Jim's life-time guaranteed not to fall apart quality parts tied flies for sale. Catch more Lunkers then ever before with Jim's finely crafted fish catching flies.

The Man In the Yellow Hat Mayfly Collection: 12 Mayflies with the the yellow post. $$$$$$ The slap em in the face Clauser Killer Kit: 12 Heavy Clauser Minnows $$$$$ The Tungsten Bead Head Prince Collection: 12  Tungsten Bead Head Prince and Doc Spratley Nymphs $$$$$

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