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Welcome to Banff Fly Fishing Guides .com subsidiary of Hawgwild Fly Fishing Guides Banff Weather information page. Click the below ascribed icons for cross referenced weather information. 

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When planning for the mountain weather expect refreshing beautiful autumn-like days. The mornings are generally a little cooler and the air has a crispy fresh smell to it. Afternoons are equally as sweet but warmer and it stays nice for the majority of the day. Later in the evening it often cools down a little and you're glad to have a light jacket along with you. A cap and toque can be handy as well as light gloves and your sun glasses. Most days I fish in my jeans, warm socks, T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, light jacket, hat and sunglasses. Often by mid-day I'm down to my shirt or T-shirt. Early spring and later in the fall when the temperature can be in the 30's, 40's and 50's F. I dress the same but sometimes add another bottom layer and another warmer jacket over the top accompanied by my warm hat and gloves.

Contact Jim directly at 1 (403) 678-7980 or e-mail BigJim@BanffFlyfishingGuides.com

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