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It's spring!!!! Still a little cool up this way but fishing season is in full swing. The Bow River is rising and run off has already gone once and then cleared so that means some great fishing. It's not exactly blue bird conditions but every day it gets just a bit warmer. Few anglers on the river so we're fishing mostly on our own. Some big fish have fallen already and I expect us to hook and land some career trout this spring. So if you fancy some trout fishing then come on down to Banff Alberta Canada and enjoy the fine hospitality that Canada's first National Park has to offer.



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It's back!!!! It's back!!!! Summer weather that is. What a beautiful day on the river. Dave had meetings till lunch and then we got out there and fished and did we ever fish right till dusk. Colin and Adam joined in on the fun.


Well let me tell you ladies and gentlemen that it was a fine day of fishing up here in Banff Alberta Canada. The monsoon like weather finally abated so Mark, Patrick, Bryan and I  adventured forth into the wild blue waters. First spot was a humdinger...kablammo, kablammo, kablammo mostly on the dry and a few on the wet fly. A three way tie for the biggest fish. Onwards we battled to a beauty gravel bar run a bit upstream aye. Patrick hauled in the monster about mid run in the middle of the pool. We were a bit fatigued at this point from our glorious day of battling fish so we stopped in at the cheeseburger stand for some sustenance. MMM Bacon cheeseburger. Refreshed, we carried on to a third stop on the Hawgwild fishing train down river this time through the forest into a grassy glade and then onto the Bow River . Patrick he had the hot hand again and in four casts was into three fine browns. It was supper time so we headed in happy back to the Banff Springs Hotel. The End.



The river finally burst it's seams today, June 14th, but not before we'd battled a few fish aye.





Winter one day and summer the next was what it felt like the last couple days on the Bow.  Got a few day one and then slayed them day two. Kinda worn my net out into nothing aye. Sure was fun.


A fine spring day in Banff it was so Nick, Tyler and I went and fished the Bow River. Tough sledding at the first spot, beautiful water but not much action. Back to the truck we went and off to another spot I knew up river. A bit of a hike in and many casts later along several pools and into the fish we where. Sure earned our sasperella's that evening.

What a fine trek it was today deep into log jam land a fishing we went. I can hardly believe the Bow is still so clear this late into the spring. Caught some browns and a bit of a tan back there. Onto a small lake I know of and we tried a bit of dry fly fishing. Kablammmo Kablammmo a few times it happened aye. It sure was fun watching those jumping fish..

Well let me tell you ladies and gentlemen it was a another fine two day trip up here on the Bow River near Banff Alberta Canada. Sounds like shang-gra-la aye. The Bow River punched early in the week and was a bit soupy. Luckily we were fishing late in the week on the week-end Saturday and Sunday. The river was higher but had cleared up lots. We hit some of my best spots and fished them up in style aye. Saw a ton o fish at the one dry fly lake and then we headed for the hills on Bow and started catching fish. Finished up two days later with smiles on our faces and some tall tales to tell.

The Bow River choked today and turn a bit soupy, pea soup in colour that is. Luckily Bill and I fished yesterday in some fine spring weather and battled a few trout on the fly. With cooler weather on the horizon I'm thinking the river will be higher but reasonably clear by the week-end.

Go Riders Go Saskatchewan that is as I fished with a two brothers from the fine province of Saskatchewan. A Beautiful day summer like reaLly. It was to be a multi-species day as we landed a laker, a brown and several arctic greying. Missed a few too.


Well let me tell you ladies and gentlemen what a fine morning on Bow it was. Danny, Kyle and Dan had that fishing fire in their eye your know so out into the wild blue waters a fishing we went. First we spotted a black bear, then some deer and elk, battled a bunch of trout, a few eagles and osprey flew overhead and then at the end of the day a few of them curly horned sheep jumped in out of nowhere. I'll have to re-name the company the Hawgwild FlyFishing and Wildlife Safari aye.

A sweet day of fishing in the Canadian Rockies it was to be. A little windy but lots of sunshine and miles of river to fish so Deborah from Michigan and I a fishing we went. Caught some fine trout on the fly and on the spin.


Holysmoly what a finish to this weeks story. The ole Kablammo-slammo day showed up on Friday as it just warmed up, to +9 C. with a little wind, just enough aye.  Konstantin won the day with two beauties , some follows, and a few maybes on Wednesday. We had seen fish, big fish too, chasing chasing the lures flashing into shore. Mike from California, he stuck around aye and decided that he wanted to fish one more day and it was to be Friday. Fish Friday. The stars were aligned as he  well sort of put on a bit of a fish catching expedition. Had to nick name him  Mike Trout Von SlayenHammer. Left! Right!! Centre!!! I think is how it goes.  A very fine day of trout fishing indeed.




Summer weather is here!! Fished a couple of days in some of the warmest days that I ever can recall in April with a fellow named Ian. He could fish I tell you and was the master of the fly and spin G. Loomis rods I'd packed along aye. See some of the live blue sky hawg filled action on the pictures below.


Whooo winter was back in full fury today but that didn't deter Jim from Philly as he is a hardy character aye. We out on the river and battled the wind cool temperatures and some snow fall. A beautiful day on the Bow River really just not exactly balmy. We tried a few spots and hit the jackpot in the middle of the afternoon warmest part of the day. Couple nice browns. We finished the day fly casting with one of my clauser minnows on a fine riffle run with a bit of the warm late day sunshine. After that the wind pick up and we packed up and went back to Banff. Sure was another fantastic day of fishing on the Bow River.

April has arrived and that marks the time when winter has lost it's bite and spring is here!!! It's still a bit cool on the river but with the big fish biting the action can be hot. See pictures below.


March 24th, 2010. Well fellows, ladies it's been awhile since my last entry. The skiing has been great and the fishing too!! Balmy weather has prevailed and the Bow River has that beautiful aqua blue colour to it. I had the good fortune to go fishing with some of the finest anglers in the land for a couple of days. See their pictures below.


February 26th, 2010. Well fellows, ladies not much time for skiing as it was so balmy I ended up fishing the Bow River in my spare time so far this week. It looks great!!! Gin clear and ice free. So if you are a keen angler and fancy a day off from skiing the next few days will be very fishy. Not big numbers of fish but the ones we do get will quite possibly be career trout. Let's go fishing!! I did ski!!! On Friday smooth soft corduroy and fast!! Went for a quick fish on Sunday morning and picked-off a nice fat bull trout. This coming week looks like very mild temperatures in the 40's F. So I'm thinking some big fish will be biting on the river.




 January 6,2010. Great day at Norquay; sunny warmish, all runs are open and I skied the big chair all day.


  January 7, 2010. Skied Norquay again with my good friend Shane from Canadian Mountain Holidays. What a great guy as he had found a pair of the best skis ever made saved for me. The Volki Explosives, 180cm, brand new even!!. I tried them out on the Mystic Ridge chair. Fun, Fun, fun!!!

  January 9th, 2010. A chinook wind is on the way and that means the Bow River may free up a bit and that makes it possible for some sink-tip clauser minnow fly fishing and or some very decent spin fishing. Not much action though, still a bit of slush in the water. However as week warms  look for some big Hawgs to fall as they are hungry. I think I'm fly fishing on Wednesday with Jackson. Check back then for some photos.

  January 12th, 2010. The chinook wind did bring in some very warm temperatures and it's a balmy +5 C. today. Skied the soft groomed corduroy on the Mystic chair at Mt. Norquay for a couple of hours today. Really nice.

January 14th and 15th, 2010. I was in a first-aid class for a couple of days so no skiing. We did get about 3 inches on Friday afternoon so this week-end skiing will be great at The Lake, Sunshine and Norquay. This warmer weather is holding on and the Bow River will be fishing reasonably well for the next couple of days. The forecast shows a balmy +35to+40 degrees F all week so a bit warm for skiing and tolerable fishing weather.

  January 18th, 2010. Took out the big dogs today; my Volki explosive 190's. Do they ever rip!! Skied Norquay and it was great. +36 F. and the runs where well groomed with soft corduroy.


  January 19th, 2010. The Norquay 500 again and today, it was a bit colder at around +30 F. Very slick today on the Mystic Ridge chair so I just got a few runs in. Met up with my friend Hiromi at the kiddie chair and did a few turns there in the warm sunshine and then went home. Another great day in the Rockies.



 January 20th, 2010. An historic day in Banff as the Olympic torch is coming to town on it's way to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympic games. To celebrate I went for a quick ski at Norquay and then headed into town for the party. I stopped over at Laura and Jackson's for a couple of Gentleman Jack's and then headed into town. Buckler a.k.a. Captain Canada joined in the fun and it was just awesome...everyone in town was out all over Banff Avenue. It was kind of like the unofficial town party.

    January 25th, 27th and 28th, 2010. Skied on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week at Norquay. Very groovy. Nice temperatures at around +25 F. Forecast for the week-end looks like 3 to four inches so Sunday should be very, very good at Sunshine, The Lake, and of course Norquay.



Tuesday January 26th, 2010. A work day today as I was helping out my friend Jeff, owner of Banff Fishing Unlimited, up at Spray Lake. We moved three of his ice-fishing huts to some better fishing and higher ground. Just a beautiful, balmy day up there. Had to take my jacket off it was that nice out!! Caught a couple fish too!!


Friday January 29th, 2010. Back up to the lake to move the last shack so no skiing aye. Shaw cable T.V. came along to film  Jeff and his ice fishing show. It'll be on channel 10 Shaw Cable next week!



Well, here it is mid-February and I have been a bit tardy with the skinny. The skinny is that it's balmy up here in Banff Alberta Canada.  Fine skiing weather. Good fishing weather. All-round a great first two weeks of February; +25 to + 40 F the entire time.  I've skied Norquay numerous times and went up to Spray Lakes a couple of times ice fishing too. The Bow River looks good and I  have got my gear ready but  haven't taken the plunge out on the Bow as the ice fishing has been just too good. Forecast for the next couple of days looks like ideal weather for skiing; several inches early in the week with mild temperatures. So skiing looks good for Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday I might get out on the Bow and check out the water aye with my pal Lucky the dog.


February 19th, 2010: Skiing was real good this week. Couple fresh inches aye. I made it out on the Bow River for a little look and caught a small rainbow and a respectable bull trout. The river is low, gin clear and it looks pretty fine. It's still a bit cool for river fishing. However if you love to fish and enjoy seeing a some king-sized trout on the end of your line then you don't seem to notice that it's only a balmy +35F out. Fish on!!





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